How does neurohacking look like in practise?

In this post I´ll do my best to clarify how neurohacking looks like on a practical level. First of all it is an ongoing journey which includes a critical review of behaviour, habits and mental & emotional patterns. It starts with a radical honest review what is going on in you right now. That includes to have a close look to all kind of addictions, of diet, of daily routines and how much this supports or drains the free flow of life energy. It is about understanding how the body works and how he reacts to the way you treat him. The next step is to gain deep understanding how your brain works and how this is affected by the state of your body and by neurotransmitters.

Neurotransmitters are the key – they essentially are responsible for switching on or off different brain areas and by that fully shape your perception of life and your way to deal with it.

So selfreflection and ongoing studies how the body and brain works give the base for an educated guess what is wrong with you here and now or with other words for a detailed analysis which areas how you treat yourself could and should be improved. When the problems are identified properly it is not that difficult anymore to find solutions how to improve your physical, mental and emotional health.

These possible solutions can be split into 2 categories: practical rituals & excercises for the body & brain and finding the right diet & supplements which support your system to run in a very efficient (and by that pleasant) way according to the life situation you choose to be in.

Rituals & exercises can include things like yoga, workouts, breathing techniques, walks in the nature (or body movement at all), aligning with natural rythms by watching sunrise and sunset every day, conscious meditations or practises with a specific intention, realistic goal setting and time management to name just a few. In short it is about the development of healthy habits.

The diet & supplement work is the other main part of neurohacking. A healthy diet according to your body type, your job and your life reality is the base. Let me explain what I mean by “supplements”: Every molecule we put into our body has an effect on it – eighter directly on the brain or indirectly by affecting the body and by that affecting the brain. It is a fluent spectrum without clear boundaries what we call nutrition / herbs / supplements / medicine / nootropics / drugs. All of it has an impact on how the brain works. All of it has effects and also sideeffects which need to be taken into consideration, too. None of it is a solution forever (maybe except vitamins who are a good thing all the time) – it is always about adressing a specific goal / intention here and now.

The idea is to find a way to come to a corrective experience with your body and brain with the help of whatever is needed – in order to incorporate this experience into your future life. Meaning once the body and brain are remembering how it can feel it is way easier to come to this state again and again without specific exercises or supplements. It is about actively healing yourself and constantly improving yourself into the being that you really are – an empowered, authentic, loving human being who enjoys and celebrates to be alive and does anything to fulfill it´s life purpose (or coming closer to an understanding what this could possibly be) and by that being of great value for yourself, for the people around you and even for mankind and human evolution in general.