DMT – the “spirit molecule”

This tryptamine alkaloid produces an intense psychedelic experience when ingested, and appears in trace amounts in human blood and urine, suggesting it is also produced within the body itself.

It´s the stubstance that gives Ayahuasca it´s power and you can consciously produce small amounts of it it in your body by using breathing techniques. Holotropic breathing and Wim Hof breathing are the most common methods I am aware of.

Depending on the amout of DMT you have in our blood you can enter different states of consciousness, perception and insight. Usually these experiences go along with all kind of geometric visuals which you might now already from other trippy experiences.

I came across this highly interesting video where a young student from the Harvard Science of Psychedelics Club explains the connection between the quality of the visuals you get and the state of being you are in. It´s a pretty good and precise map and might be helpfull for you to keep track where you are and what are the specific qualities of the level of consciousness you temporary entered. Welcome to the hyperbolic geometrie of DMT experiences. Enjoy your journey!