How to stay calm in any situation

What happens when we face massive fear, threat or stress? We are running away, or freeze or fight. All therapies in essence support and enable the client for forward confrontation – to face the facts and work through the situation. To stay present and deal with the situation, to fight through it (or even your own mind and patterns and trauma and history).

To lean into the friction in healthy and adaptive ways. To embrace the challenge and transform it. To change your behaviour forever. Since a while I am heaviely inspired by the work of neuroscientist Dr. Andrew Huberman. He is a brilliant mind and an amazing human being. Check him out on Joe Rogan and Lex Fridman Podcasts. So much increddible work from him is out there for free. Here he describes a simple and effective way to get yourself in a state where you are able to process ANYTHING. Lateral eye movement. (He also delivers the scientific background, why EMDR therapies work.)
To even at the same time release dopamine and get immediately rewarded for this action of forward moving/confrontation, while getting yourself in a hightend alerted but relaxed state of being. Meaning to have access to optimal brain performance. To basically temporary deactivate your amygdala, your threat detection center. Try it out the next time you feel troubled. Here some more background about the why and how: