Here some feedbacks paricipants gave me after attending to one of my seminars or workshops. It touched my heart and I feel blessed and grateful, that I could accompany you some steps on your way.

„When I close my eyes I can embrace the whole world with my heart and have this feeling of diving fully into the truth and love… still words are not enough to express this.“ Kristyna

„I dont have the right words to desribe how much i am touched by our work in your seminar, Pit. Thank you for the conection with my heart, with the others in the seminar, with the whole me.“ Janek

„Pit, your attitude is both, firm and light – and that’s very rare. Your playfulness and creativity helped me to get a better picture of „my horrible life situation“. Things are never as dark and helpless as they seem, after you dare to take a look. Thank you for taking me there…“ Tana