How to feel good?

When you feel good you perceive, process and think in a healthy way. Based on this you have inner clarity and that allows you to life live in a healthy and enjoyable way. When you feel well & good you have access to all your inner resources and it´s easy and natural to “do good” – to feel, think and act in a way that is pleasant for yourself and fun for the people around you.

Your basic feeling depends mainly on 3 neurotrasmitters: dopamine, serotonine & GABA.

It´s really that simple. The presence or absence of 3 amino acids in our brain determines what appears real to us. What IS our reality. How we perceive it and how we function in it.

Dopamine regulates everything related to motivation, pleasure, energy and drive. You sense the presence of dopamine by a natural feeling of exitement and enthusiasm. You are looking forward with a positive attitude. You can´t wait and you feel energized. You want and you know that you can. This is dopamine in action.

Serotonine regulates happieness and satisfaction. It supports a well balanced positive attitude. It makes you smile and feel safe. No matter what happens around you – with the presence of serotonine you feel capable of dealing with it in a light-hearted way. You feel complete and ready for anything.

GABA plays an important role for relaxation, stress-reduction an inner balance. It supports cognitive work and focus. It helps to take it all not too serious and act from a relaxed inner place. It helps to calm down after challenging experiences. With the presence of GABA it is easy to swich between tension, at-tension and relaxation after. It allows you to go full force on a difficult task and totally relax after it and have a short nap.

Those 3 neurotransmitters totally control how you feel. Due to the right exercises and the right diet you can support the balance of these 3. But there is also a biochemical shortcut. At the moment it might be beyond your imagination how profound the changes are, when you have enough of this 3 amino acids in your brain. In order to be able to produce a sufficient level of these 3 neurotransmitters you need to have the basic building blocks in your system.

Dopamine depends on L-Tyrosine. You need also vitamine B3 & B6, magnesium and zinc to produce it. It´s build in the body as follows:


Serotonine needs L-Tryptophan or 5-HTP. The building is supported by vitamin B6, D and zinc.


GABA is build from L-Glutamine. Production needs also vitamin B6.

L-Glutamine → GLUTAMAT → GABA

These 3 amino acids can come from a well balanced diet (details here) or in form of supplements. You can just buy L-Tyrosine, L-Tryptophan (or 5-HTP) and L-Glutamine. It comes in form of capsulas or as powder for oral application.

Combine this with B3, B6, D, magnesium and zinc and you will be surprised how quickly and profoundly your feelings change. This knowledge has the potantial to totally change your life.

You are welcome!