Conscious Power Play

Power is a good thing – it helps to bring order into chaos.

Power dynamics affect every social and intimate interaction – like partnerships, friendships, work life, all kind of communication and even your sex life.

Most of the time it´s played unconscious – driven by things like routine, social conditioning, fear, emotions or personal identity to name just a few.

Many of us have the tendency to be more comfortable with just one side of the spectrum: they tend to use power most of the time or they tend to give power away most of the time. Both sides have advantages in appropriate situations. The more comfortable we get with both ends of the spectrum the more flexible we become in our daily interactions.

Conscious acknowledgment of power dynamics supports us in going with the flow of life without wasting energy for fights. Conscious use of power dynamics supports us in owning our responsibility to direct the course of our own life and experiences in a playful and effective way.

Power dynamics played with a with a lack of awareness and consciousness leads to all sorts of manipulation, abuse, frustration and rejection. Let´s change this into something that really serves us and the people around us!

In this workshop you have the chance to develop both your ability to lead and your ability to surrender. You will meet your preferences as well as parts within which you might reject. During the session you will both sense and perform the wise usage of power to the benefit of all as well as the the abuse of power. These experiences in a safe environment support you to recognize what´s going on in your life – which helps you to decide if you are willing to go along with certain dynamics or if you are willing to change them and try something new. You have the chance to feel and observe yourself in different exercises and by that start to feel and know your real boundaries and the benefits from both ends of the power spectrum better. In this sense the workshop will give you a better feeling for your own boundaries as well as a sense for the boundaries of others. Clear and honest communication is an important part of the workshop.

You might be surprised to realize that there is tremendous pleasure for you in situations you used to complain about. When realizing this you have the chance to ask for it directly without manipulating situations and people to somehow „get it“.

Also you might sense how bored you are by your way of „playing it safe“ most of the time. After dropping shame, judgement and fear about the other parts of the spectrum exciting new dynamics are waiting to be explored by you.

This workshop supports you in knowing and feeling yourself better. It will give you more flexibility in your social interactions and tools to go consciously and direct for what you really want.

No matter if you identify as being shy or being bossy – you are welcome and this workshop is for you – it supports you to expand yourself into unknown territory.

Power is a good thing – it helps to bring order into chaos.