Welcome to neurohacking! What is this about?

This is a blog where I will share my latest insights about neurohacking. What does this word even mean?

Neurohacking is the art of running your brain in optimal performance mode. This includes to consciously change your mood and to support yourself to be in a perfect shape and ready for the tasks you are willing to achive.

Everything that happens in our brain ist controlled by neurotransmitters. Neurotransmitters essentially control which brain areas are active and which are inactive. As simple as this sounds – the impact it has is quite profound: The levels of different neurotransmitters determine how we perceive, feel, think, (re)act, sleep, perform… it totally shapes our experience of life. This can´t be underestimated, so let me repeat it: the subjective reality we live in is 100% controlled by neurotransmitters.

So the more we learn about neurotransmitters and how to affect them the more we are able to consciously manipulate them in order to step fully into selfreliance and choose the quality of our experiences.

The work on neurotransmitters is as close to hardware as it possibly gets. All higher and more complex brain functions are based on neurotransmitter levels. The impact of this has the potential to totally change your life.

Neurohacking is a subclass of biohacking, focused specifically on brain functions. Neurohackers seek to unleash their full potential by “hacking the brain” in order to boost cognitive functions, think quicker, learn more and faster, focus better, improve reflexes, feel better, increase sensitivity, improve dreaming, sleep more efficient to name just a few of the countless possibilities. In essence all this is achieved by manipulating the level of different neurotransmitters and by that altering on a fundamental level how the brain works.